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Honor Inspection International Ltd is a professional inspection company, which founded in 2007. Our general office is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China.


We are committed to helping clients reduce risk and cost in international purchase, and even to achieve Zero risk purchase.

And become their most reliable consultant in international purchase!


Our Services


Our Services Include:

Factory audit; Product Certification; Laboratory Testing; Production Monitoring; Initial Production Inspection ;In-Process Inspection; Pre-shipment Inspection; Container Loading Inspection.

That is to say, we can help you to follow the whole process for your order till your approval.


Our supplier audit services can ensure the supplier is true, reliable and has the ability to produce your products.


Our product inspection services can help clients control the product quality in each stage, and help clients to get qualified products timely.


We can provide inspection for Home Appliances, Electronics, Mechanical Products, Hardware, Auto& Motorcycle parts, Clothing, Textile, Stationery, Furniture, and Building Materials etc.

That is to say, we can help clients to follow the whole process for purchase!


We have more than 15 branches in Chinese city, and 1 branch in Iran, 1 branch in Malaysia,1 branch in Thailand.

(NingBo,ShangHai,SuZhou,YangZhou,GuangZhou,ShenZhen,XiaMen,ChongQing,HeFei,QingDao,TianJing,ZhenZhou,HaiNan,ChangSha,WuHan) and 1 branch in Taiwan.


Most of our inspectors have more than 5 years work experience; all senior quality engineers have more than 10 years work experience.

Product Description




Our Services-- 7 kinds of services to help you succeed!


Factory Audit

Factory audit is based on iso9000 or sa8000 quality standards, audit the factory's production capacity and performance. The main audit criteria including policy, production procedures and records, to know factory whether is consistent with the quality management continuously.


Factory Audit mainly covers scope and process including:

1.Quality management system 

2.Good manufacturing practices (factory environment standards)

3.Products control 

4.Process control 

5.Staff management 

6.Social responsibility


If the client found a supplier, we will assist our client make a network and phone screening first. Then we will make a correct assessment about the factory. Our factory audit we provide is different from others inspection companies general sense of supplier assessment. We strongly suggest the client to do the factory audit together with sample inspection. Many inspection companies focus more on the quality system certification or legal norms. It is very easy to obtain a quality system certificate in china. Reality is, most of the factory who got a certificate could not reached ISO requirements. That's why we made this adjustment of our factory audit. Besides traditional factory audit, we focus more on the factory’s real produce ability. If their sample produce manufacturing technique accord with bulk produce? If they have enough manpower and equipment as required? Our factory audit is done from the client's actual needs.


Initial Produce Inspection


This inspection is for the first production performed, therefore ensuring that products meet client's specific requirements.

Mainly includes:Inspection for product components, capability, function, appearance and production process.

This inspection can earliest find the defects of products and problems during production process.

Thereby timely improve product quality and production process.

If your product is a new product, or it is a new factory. We strongly recommend that you perform this inspection.


In-Process Inspection


In-process inspection is generally processed when products finished at least 20%. This inspection ensures whether the product's function, appearance, packaging meets the requirements of clients, whether production progress can achieve the expected requirements, thus timely control products appear bulk defects to avoid delays in delivery time.


Actually there is a big misunderstand about inspection choice among most clients. They prefer pre-shipment inspection rather than any other inspection. According to our experience, it is wiser to choice in-process inspection. If quality problems were fond after pre-shipment inspection, it will cause a huge loss both for client and factory. Factory suffered large from waste of material cost and manpower. Client will be accused and pay a large mount of penal sum because of delivery delay! If we choice in-process inspection, then we can control the quality during the whole produce process and timely discovery & correct the product problem. During in-process quality control, we provide very good suggestions to help factories improve quality and policy, even providing services to client's concept, so that the factories will always put clients ' interests first just like us. This is a win-win for factory and client! We strongly recommend that clients select in-process inspection service.


Pre-Shipment Inspection


This inspection proceeds after products completed and package finished at least 80%. According ANSI Z1.4 2003 standards, randomly selected a certain number of products from all the products to inspect quantity, quality etc.

And according to the AQL standard to judge whether products conform to the requirements of the shipment.


Even through our in-process inspection can improve factory’s manufacturing technique and avoid bulk products quality. But wrong packaging, parts missing, assembly problems, defects of appearance, all this human’s carelessness and unpredictable factors can not be solved with in-process inspection. So we still need pre-shipment inspection. Sample random inspection can help us figure out the proportion of product defects, and confirm if the bulk product in accordance with the requirements of the international quality standards. Our senior inspectors and senior quality manager will work together for pre-shipment inspection, not only rely on the individual but a team!


Supervision Loading


This inspection is carried out at the manufacturer warehouse or at the port before delivery. According to order requirements of client, supervise the entire loading process to ensure quantity complete, packaging intact, loading reasonable.


If you worry about the wrong product or damaged product will be sent to you during shipment. Some factories might even not ship product to you! Supervision loading inspection can provide you an effective solution to all those problems.


Our services include:


1. Cargo short / damage survey

2. Draft survey and cargo quality survey

3. Pre-loading / discharging survey to the steel cargo, grain

4. Cargo weighing, sampling and testing

5. Water-tightness and air-tightness test to cargo holds.

6. Draft survey

7. Hold washing inspection

8. Hold cleaning inspection

9. Loading or discharging survey

10. Binding reinforced inspection to heavy cargo

11. Inspection / survey to damaged cargo

12. Measurement survey

13. Ship’s on hire, off hire bunker and condition survey, pre-purchase survey etc.

14. Survey to ship’s damage

15. Bunkering quantity and quality survey


Production Monitoring


This inspection can be in the whole process of production, or is a certain period of time. Our inspector will inspect the quality and quantity of products everyday, and there will be an inspection report every day. Through the inspection the client can very clearly understand the production situation of every day, in order to timely to correct the problems of the products, to adjust production progress.


If your product requirements are very high, you can not accept any defects; or your product delivery date very nervous, unable to bear any delays. We strongly recommend that you perform this inspection.


Laboratory Testing


Our laboratory has ISO17025 certification can provide a variety of products testing. All tests are performed in strict accordance with international standards. Tests can be performed on a wide range of materials, products, production lines, prototype creations and services. We offer clients with a complete understanding of government and industry regulations, assisting clients in applying principles to identify where hazards are likely to occur in a processing chain and the critical points for corrective action and continues the monitoring.


More Than Basic Services

Free services: providing purchases advice, product quality advice for clients for free. Providing professional suggestions to help factories improve quality and policy, even providing services to customer's concept and the right marketing approach, so that the factories will always put clients ' interests first just like us.


With many years inspection experience, we have a accumulated a lot of excellent factories. We are glad to help you if you are looking for the better factories for better products.



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